# [GitHub Résumé][0]

# My GitHub Résumé

As a software startup owner I really enjoy when people send us their résumés and they include their github account so we can see tangible work they have done.

After a [tweet by John Resig][1] I imagined that it may be nice for people to be able to generate their [GitHub][2] résumés.

## Notes, Information and Future features

This is the first version. I am planning on adding things as such as your most committed forks, most committed repositories and make the “My Popular Repositories” be built from your complete list of repositories. Feel free to [fork the page][3] if you want to help :-)

Brought to you by the brilliant mind of [@davidcoallier][4] — Résumé Template from [Things That Are Brown][5]

[0]: http://resume.github.io/
[1]: https://twitter.com/#!/jeresig/status/33968704983138304
[2]: https://github.com
[3]: https://github.com/resume/resume.github.com
[4]: http://twitter.com/davidcoallier
[5]: http://thingsthatarebrown.com/blog/2009/05/sample-resume-template/