Noder - A React-Native Client for

A new >> mobile app powered by > React-Native> .


If you want to run it on you local simulator, you should:

git clone
npm install

Then click run in Xcode, if failed, you should rebuild all package that this project used in Xcode(Just choose the package and command+B to run compile)

If you want to run on you local iPhone app, you should follow the doc.

If you don't want to update the ip by hand, you can use this:

gulp replace



React-Native Modules Used

Thanks All above.

ToDo List

  • Add up reply
  • Add setting panel
  • Add login out functional
  • Add Push Notification
  • Add about panel
  • Move the HTML render to a single Module
  • Refactor code
  • Solve the big bug
    • In ListView, sometime scroll on the bottom it can't refresh
    • ListView take too much memory
    • HTML to native View render take too much memory and time
  • Push to App Store
  • Add test

Change log



If you find any bugs, just solve it and submit a PR.

About the code style, Please use the ES6 JSX.


MIT License