Twitter Bootstrap Plugins

It’s a well known matter that Twitter Bootstrap helps both directly and indirectly contributes to build a perfect front end framework for creating any kinds of websites as well as apps. Bootstrap makes the most use of LESS and CSS gathered via Node as well as managed through GitHub which helps developers to do amazing stuff on the web. Bootstrap comes with package of default stylesheet, an amount of handy jQuery plugins, useful an icon set and lots more. So here for the sake of efficient development with this framework, Now i’ll let you to discover a collection of 60 most useful handy bootstrap plugins. So let’s dig in.

### [1-Jasny][1]


Jasny is another useful collection of valuable interface segments for bootstrap. It highlights controls like data veils, document transfer catches, symbols, extra structure styles and then some. You can either get a performance of bootstrap with all the progressions coordinated, or you can download them independently as plugins.


### [2- Bootstrap Lightbox][3]


Bootstrap Lightbox

Showing a perfect image or bunch of photos on website is an ongoing matter. Although Bootstrap carousel falls short to show enough but this simple Bootstrap Lightbox plugin comes into play to fullfil all of it. This is a plugin and it let you to show a photo in a lightbox and show everywhere whatever or whereever you want. Just you have to add the required HTML to the page afterwards you will get a nice-looking and responsive lightbox with an optional caption.


### [3- X-editable][5]



X-editable allows you to create editable elements on your page and it supports in-place editing along with Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery UI or pure jQuery. This library includes both popup as well as inline modes. It supports any kinds of input type like, select, date, textarea, checklist, as well as dateui text. The container placement supports client-side and server-side validation and user can clip by click, dblclick or manually. It perfectly works in IE7+ as well as all modern browsers respectively.


### [4-Bootstrap Filestyle][8]


[Bootstrap Filestyle][8]

The Bootstrap Filestyle is a new life of bootstrap plugin and it is strongly refactored and better plugin for jquery-based component library could Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap Filestyle is used to style the file fields of the forms of your websites. Bootstrap Filestyle has an interesting and perfect way to present a user friendly form for sending files while being simple and efficient to send files


### [5-Bootstrap Select][10]


[Bootstrap Select][10]

The Bootstrap Filestyle is a new life of bootstrap plugin and it is strongly refactored and better plugin for jquery-based component library could Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap Filestyle is used to style the file fields of the forms of your websites. Bootstrap Filestyle has an interesting and perfect way to present a user friendly form for sending files while being simple and efficient to send files


### [6-Fuel UX][12]


Fuel UX

Go fuel up your design like a pro. Fuel UX brings a far-fetched collection of enhancements that gives a another level taste to your Twitter Bootstrap. Controls are all of them look and feel like clean, lightweight and they fit naturally into the bootstrap. It includes various controls like multi-step form, datagrids, custom select boxes, spinners, trees, wizards and lots more.


### [7-Bootstrap-progressbar][14]



Bootstrap-progressbar is a jQuery based plugin which extends the progressbar of basic twitter-bootstrap based theme. Bootstrap-progressbar provides the capability to animate the progressbar by adding quality Javascript in mixture along with the existing css transitions. In addition you can show the present progress in sequence in the bar.


### [8-Bootstrap Multiselect][18]


Bootstrap Multiselect

Bootstrap Multiselect is to create an option that includes user friendly UI interface in your bootstrap based website. It’s a JQuery based plugin to give an insightful user interface for using select exact inputs with the present multiple attribute. It is containing the single options as checkboxes and Instead of select a bootstrap button will be shown as dropdown menu.


### [9-Bootstrap File Input][20]


Bootstrap File Input

Bootstrap File Input is an improved HTML 5 file input. It comes with especially for Bootstrap 3.x with file preview for various files, multiple selection, and lots more. This plugin simplifies the customization of widget with simple markup of HTML and it offers variety of files such as text, html, images, video, audio, flash, and objects and all are support for previewing.


### [10-PNotify][22]

PNotify is a bootstrap based JavaScript notification plugin. It is designed to provide a beyond compare level of litheness, while still being very easy to apply and make use of. This plugin provides desktop notifications and it based on the Draft of Web Notifications. It works without the dependency on desktop notifications and displaying the notice as a regular like in-browser notice.


### [11-Bootstrap Star Rating][24]



Bootstrap Star Rating is developed with a perfect focus on utlizing pure CSS-3 styling to provide the control. This plugin for Bootstrap which supports superb features like partial star fill and RTL input support. Bootstrap Star Rating uses markup of Bootstrap. Its default styling can be overridden with any other CSS markup.


### [12-Bootstrap Growl][26]


[Bootstrap Growl][26]

Would like to get a effects like Growl, here this simple good-looking jQuery bootstrap plugin that turns your standard bootstrap alerts into hovering Growl-like notifications. It has included number of trendy features such as it uses Bootstrap alerts to standard which provides ‘info’, ‘error’, and ‘success’ styles, as well as multiple growls one after another in a list.


### [13-Bootstrap Tabcordion][28]


[Bootstrap Tabcordion][28]

Bootstrap Tabcordion helps you to transform a set of Bootstrap tabs into a Bootstrap accordion. It’s a simple jQuery Bootstrap based plugin that can be configured to execute this change based on the size of the container or viewport.


### [14-Bootstrap Tour][30]


[Bootstrap Tour][30]

Bootstrap Tour ensures to build your product tours in quick and easy way with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers. It does not depend on package of full Bootstrap. All dependencies are based on the tooltip and popover files and save the current step as well as not display the tour again to those users who have already completed this section.


### [16-Bootstrap Image Gallery][32]


Bootstrap Image Gallery is a customizable image & video gallery extension to blueimp Gallery, a touch-enabled, responsive extension for images and videos in the modal dialog of the Bootstrap framework. It features swipe, mouse as well as navigation to keyboard, transition effects, fullscreen support and on-demand content loading. Bootstrap Image Gallery can be extended to display supplementary content types.


### [17-jQDrawBootstrapGrid][34]



jFDraw Bootstrap Grid gives you the taste of adding grids in your twitter bootstrap layout. Its a simple jQuery plugin that draws grid columns. It is Working better with layouts like non fluid materials.


### [18-Bootstrap MaxLength][36]


[Bootstrap MaxLength][36]

Bootstrap MaxLength plugin that integrates by default with the Twitter Bootstrap using badges to display the highest lenght of the field. It shows where the user is inserting text. Bootstrap MaxLength plugin uses the quality with HTML5 and proper maxlength to work perfectly.


### [19-Bootstrap Tag Autocomplete][38]


[Bootstrap Tag Autocomplete][38]

Bootstrap Tag Autocomplete is a library where you can add tags related to your tags. It mentions your twitter and facebook-like to your content and editable text areas. Bootstrap Tag Autocomplete takes on a match on a group of accessible completions as well as inserts them as nodes in the text area.


### [20-Bootstrap Link Preview][40]


[Bootstrap Link Preview][40]

Bootstrap Link Preview is offering you a preview of Facebook-like for bootstrap based website URLs. It’s a JavaScript library that is very effortless to use as well as weighs not more than a few kilobytes. And it depends on a PHP script to work around the same origin policy.


### [21-Bootstrap Confirmation][42]


Would like to use your websites confirmation dialogs with bootstrap Popovers? In this way Bootstrap Confirmation plugin helps you to complete your task with a simple popover dialogue box. It’s an influential jQuery based plugin for Twitter Bootstrap, you will get a wide variety of confirmation dialogs along with Bootstrap Popovers. It just simply uses Bootstrap-Tooptip.js and JQuery to run.


### [22-Bootstrap Tags Input][44]


[Bootstrap Tags Input][44]

Increase your workflow with Bootstrap Tags Input another ground breaking jQuery plugin. It comes to provide an intuitive interface for Twitter Bootstrap that comes only for managing tags. You don’t have to be rushing to and fro because it can easily setup your content and website tags perfectly.


### [23-Bootstrap WYSIWYG][46]



Depending on the working environment of present code editors, here this little code editor will help you to conclude your mount level task. It featured with drag and drop to place image and videos, binding with common standard hotkeys for regular operation basically on Mac and windows. This jQuery based Bootstrap plugin automatically turns your DIV into a rich-content editor named WYSIWYG and you can upload your support images easily.


### [24-Editable Table][48]


[Editable Table][48]

Sometimes tiny things can be the reason to conduce a big issue. Editable table is one of them. This jQuery based plugin can turn any table into a spreadsheet that can be editable. This tiny table supports change events and validation as well as perfectly works in bootstrap.


### [25-ClockPicker][51]



ClockPicker a a jquery based timepicker plugin for Bootstrap. Basically it comes with nice clock-style interface that can be use anywhere in your website. It supported in any desktop, mobile devices and touch screen. All kinds of browser including IE 9+ are supported respectively.


### [26-Bootstrap video player — jQuery plugin][53]


[Bootstrap video player — jQuery plugin][53]

A customizable jQuery based on bootstrap UI enabled HTML5 video player plugin for any kind of website. Here with this plugin you can easily customize with css, support multiple videos, simple use of video tag, enabled progress bar, full screen button, and auto play enabled as well as lots more options. Add plugin and enjoy video with your website.


### [27-Pagination Plugin][55]


Pagination plugin

Pagination mostly uses in websites to refer traffic in different pages with certain numbering or symbol. So this jQuery based Pagination Plugin simplifies it and ensures the best usage of Bootstrap Pagintion with appropriate classes: active, pagination as well as disabled.


### [28-Tokenfield][57]



Tokenfield ensures your ultimate Copy and paste support with Advanced tagging jQuery interface that just only focus on your keyboard. It’s also tokenizing your navigation in Keyboard, existing tokens edit, adding multiple lines of tokens and mostly responsive environment.


### [29-Context.js][59]



Now you can add contextual menus by these two versions and it only comes with context.js, the ultimate solution for menus in contextual styles. You can use this with independently Twitter Bootstrap and standalone stylesheet that will give base styles in your menus.


### [30-MetisMenuMetisMenu][61]



Stylish menu will give your website a perfect weapon to attract visitors. metisMenu can be a solution for this, it’s a jQuery based menu plugin for twitter Bootstrap 3. Here in this menu, you can give effects like animated accordion and supported with auto collapse system.


### [31-MagicSuggest][64]



Developing a boostrap based website, here you have to see different things in different angle. Sometimes you forget, sometimes you remember. But This Bootstrap themes based plugin help you like an assistant, it’s a greatly flexible combo box with auto suggest option and come with lots of configuration as well as customizable environment.


### [32-Pick a Color][66]


[Pick a Color][66]

Here you don’t have to pick any color, here this addon called Pick a Color will manage everything whatever you want to pick. It’s an advanced groundbreaking color picker plugin that can choose any colors by selecting or modifying presets, choosing a previously and saved one or generate color with perfect lighting components.


### [33-Social Buttons][68]


This Social button comes to build a pretty social networking environment in your website. It’s a bootstrap plugin that beautiful social networking buttons and it’s very easy to scale as well as style. It’s also integrated with Font Awesome icon.


### [34-WebUI Popover][70]


WebUI Popover is a bootstrap based jQuery popover plugin. This lightweight plugin which enhance the popover plugin of Bootstrap is adding with some awesome new features. It works fine with Bootstrap based application.


### [35-Daterangepicker][73]


Daterangepicker is another plug-in for Bootstrap based application or web that is the ideal expansion to your reports page. It lets clients pick preset time periods like the last 7 or 30 days, here you can also characterize your own presets and they can likewise pick a flexible time interims. You just need to pass a couple callback capacities when instantiating the plug-in and you are prepared to go.


### [36-Bootbox.js][76]



Bootbox.js is a little JavaScript library that computerizes the process of making bootstrap dialogs independently. It makes the required markup for you, so all you need to do to trigger a bootstrap dialog is to call a capacity. It imitates the embedded program dialogs like caution, affirm and brief.


### [37-Bic_Calendar][78]


BIC Calendar

Bic_Calendar is a basic gadget style calendar that can indicate occasions stacked through AJAX. A sample PHP script is incorporated that yields the occasions as a JSON object. The events are then shown on the calendar and indicated through a popup window.


### [38-Float Dropdown][80]


Another slight interface development for Bootstrap based websites. With the Hover Dropdown plugin you can perform the structure’s dropdowns on hover in adding to click. This can be better improving for a client involvement with your site.


### [39-Eldarion AJAX][82]


[Eldarion AJAX][82]

Eldarion AJAX is an ajax based request platform where you can expand bootstrap with programmed AJAX application handling. Basically add the ajax class to the catch or connection you wish to upgrade, and the plugin will do the rest. It will send a request and replace the import of the component with the reaction from the server.


### [40-Bs_grid][85]


bs_grid is a Bootstrap based jQuery Datagrid plugin. It comes with advanced row selection, pagination, sorting as well as filtering. This bs_grid is fully customizable, responsive, localization and Works sound with Bootstrap or individual.


### [41-Bootstrap Form Wizard][87]


[Bootstrap Form Wizard][87]

It is a decent practice to part long structures into littler, logically relative knobs. It makes them a bit simpler to handle. This Form Wizard does that for you and that’s especially designed for Bootstrap.


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